Child Support In Vermont

Vermont’s Child Support System

In Vermont, the agency that oversees everything dealing with child support, from paternity to locating a missing parent, is the Office of Child Support. They do not represent one parent or the other but merely exist to act as an enforcing agent, educational resource, or to help you in the process of applying for and maintaining child support. What the OCS cannot help you with is in establishing or modifying custody issues, visitation, or to modify guardianship for a child. There are other offices that deal with these issues.

Applying for Child Support in Vermont

To apply for child support in Vermont you will need to fill out this form:

If you have more than one child with more than one parent, then you may have to fill out this application for each child.  Likewise, if you are a guardian who is seeking support from both parents, then you will have to file a separate application for each child. It does not look like, at this time, that there is an online submission form. You will have to print out, fill in, and mail in the form along with any additional documentation that they may require. Some common forms of documentation might include birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decree, federal subsidies forms, financial affidavits, and any guardianship papers.  There is a checklist at the bottom of the child support application that lists a comprehensive list for you in regards to documentation.

Send everything to:

Vermont Office of Child Support

103 South Main Street

Waterbury, VT 05671-1901

If you are having trouble filling out the application, or need to ask a question about the application, they have a specific line for that: 1-800-786-3214

Child Support Payments in Vermont

In Vermont, the amount that the non-custodial parent will pay is based upon the gross income of the noncustodial parent(meaning the child does not live with you). If the NC parent is self-employed or other arrangements have been agreed to, then wage withholding will not be enacted. Otherwise, each paycheck will have the child support automatically removed, then it is sent to the Vermont OCS where it is then disbursed to the custodial parent. The money can be put directly into the custodial parent’s bank account, or it can be loaded onto a government issued Visa debit card. When you fill out the application for child support you will elect which option is right for you. Likewise, the noncustodial parent will be required to fill out some forms as well. If they are less than helpful or willing, then the state will step in and assume this role to some extent (assigning them a salary and issuing warrants if needed). It is in the noncustodial parent’s best interests to cooperate with the system. A quick child support calculator is available here: