Child Support In Utah

The state of Utah, as regards child support, states that its one overall goal is to help families to remain as independent as possible and to promote responsible parenting. To that end, the Utah Department of Human Services has made it very easy to obtain, apply, and enforce child support issues. They can also help you with paternity issues. What they aren’t equipped to do in this particular division is to handle custody or visitation issues. Those issues must be determined by the court as part of the divorce orders and decrees.

Applying for Child Support in Utah

In order to apply for child support a few things must be accomplished first. You must have a finalized divorce decree, have a paternity acknowledgement, or have been appointed the legal guardian for the child. Without these first steps there is little that the DHS can do to help. Once you have these forms in hand, then you can apply by filling out the following form:

If you have more than one child but they are a result of one marriage or partnership, then you only need to fill out one application. However, if you have more than one child with multiple parents, then you will need to fill out an application for each child with a separate father/mother. You can submit this form online, but make sure that when you hit the ‘submit’ button that it tells you that you have a successful submission. If it doesn’t show this, then you will have to fill out the very long form, all over again.

You will also need to send along copies of the following documents:

  • Support orders for the children
  • Copies of the child’s birth certificate (only if they were not born in Utah)
  • Paternity establishment documents
  • Death certificates (in the event that the parents are dead)

When you receive your confirmation page, then you must print it out and include the copies of your documentation above to the following:

Office of Recovery Services

Child Support Services

PO Box 45033

Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0033

Telephone: (801)536-8500

Child Support Amounts in Utah

The state of Utah uses what they call an income shares formula, which produces a calculation table. You can view it and a useful online calculator tool to get an idea of what you could be receiving, or paying, for child support.   There are also worksheets for you to use in coming up with the monthly income for both parents. Most do not realize it, but income also includes ANY money that is coming to you, even if it is in the form of subsidies from the government, tax refunds, bonuses from work, retirement, pensions, disability, or workers compensation. Any money is counted as income and hiding the fact from DHS can result in stalling out the child support process, or even go so far as to instigate legal action against the parent who is not reporting income.