Child Support In South Dakota

Applying for Child Support in South Dakota

In the state of South Dakota when a child’s parents are separated, divorced, or unmarried, there are laws in place to assure that the resources of the child’s parents are allocated to the child. Child support is generally established when both parents have a signed and adjudicated divorce decree or a statement of paternity. Once that has been established (as well as custody and visitation issues) then the applicant can apply for child support.

Who Can Apply for Child Support in South Dakota

The custodial parent is usually the one that applies or petitions for child support. This is the parent whom the child stays with a majority of the time. In many instances, as a direct result of a court ordered divorce, the child support orders are submitted on the custodial parent’s behalf at the same time. There may be an annual fee of 25$ to use the automated system, but if you are on TANF or receive other federal subsidies, the fee may be waived. The only way to know for sure is to contact the Department of Social services in South Dakota:  (605) 773-3165

Anyone can apply for child support if they are the primary caregiver for that child. This is true in the case where a relative may be raising the child instead of the biological parents. Additionally, someone who has had a child, but has not been married, can file for paternity with the biological non-custodial parent and after that will be eligible to apply for child support. This is true even if the biological parent is no longer located in the state of South Dakota, or even in the country.

How Much Child Support Will You Receive?

The amount of child support awarded each month to the custodial parent is largely determinant on the combine income of both parents for the last year. There are guidelines that the state uses in determining this set amount and takes into consideration medical costs, daycare and afterschool activities, as well as transportation. The age of the child and the number of children that will need support are also criteria used to establish these amounts. A quick calculator tool can be used to get an estimate of what you may be expected to pay, or how much you will be receiving, but it is just an estimate. The calculator tool is here:

The CSS provides all of the forms that you will need to fill out in order to apply for child support in South Dakota, as well as figure out the monthly obligation amounts. They provide a free child support obligation worksheet:

The guidelines sheet is also a quick and easy way to see how much you would be expected to pay (or receive). The monthly net income listed on the left of this worksheet is for the total combined monthly income of BOTH parents for the last year: