Child Support In North Carolina

What You Need to Know about North Carolina Child Support

Many believe that child support is a natural result of a divorce. While this is true a majority of the time, child support may also be applied for by anyone who has had a child with someone and would like to receive support for the care and upbringing of that child. Child Support can also be applied for on behalf of a child who is being raised by someone other than their biological parent, and who has been named as the legal guardian.

That having been said, you cannot apply for child support (in the case of a divorce or separation) until the final court order settling the divorce is finalized. During this time you must have established paternity, custody, and other settlement arrangements concerning the medical and financial welfare of the child or children.

What Child Support Services Can Do for You in North Carolina

The CSS can assist in searching down and locating AWOL noncustodial parents, enforce court ordered child support agreements, as well as establish paternity of the children involved. They are also instrumental in the disbursement of funds, once they are received from the noncustodial parent. This disbursement takes the form of a state issued debit/credit card.

The CSS provides 24/7 access to your case. On the website you can get up to date information on their case, payment information, or to update addresses/personal information.   A customer service number is also available: 1-800-992-9457  Additionally, the CSE has implemented a state of the art program called the ACTS system. This is a system that is linked to all of the other states, as well as federal and private agencies. This allows them to collect and track the payments, disburse funds, update cases, initiate collection action, intercept tax refunds, and to provide interstate cooperation when the noncustodial spouse has left the child’s state.

Forms and Links to the Application can be located via the website:

Fill out the form and in most cases you can submit right there on the site. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your petition for child support, most start receiving child support in as little as 4 weeks. Where there is no contention and the parents have both agreed to the amount, set by the state, then payments may begin sooner. For a quick look at what you may be receiving or paying in regards to child support, you can use this handy child support calculator:

Child support is determined and based on the gross yearly income of both parents, the resources available to them, as well as the child, and the child’s best interest. In many cases the court may also request that medical and health insurance be provided in full or in part by the noncustodial parent.