Child Support in Kansas

Child support services in Kansas are administered by the Kansas Department for Children and families (CSS.) This agency helps children receive the economic support necessary to keep them healthy, educated and happy. The program helps establish paternity and orders child and medical support. It also helps locate noncustodial parents and their property, finds out where they work and enforces child and medical support orders as is required.

If you are on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Family), foster care, child care assistance or medical assistance you are automatically available for services, but any family in trouble, regardless of where they live or how much income is made, may apply for the service.

Rules of Kansas Child Support

The CSS must have enough information to open your case, which means that you will be required to answer a questionnaire. If a non-custodial parent must be located then you may be asked to provide that person’s location or Social Security number. Mothers might also be asked about how the child was conceived and why the person to be located should be considered the parent.

You may also have to provide your missing partner’s last known employer, address and military history. It also helps to supply any letters, notes or anything else in writing where the father has suggested that he is the father of the child. If his name is on the child’s birth certificate then that is all the better.

Failure to provide necessary documents may result in the suspension of your TANF benefits for three months and a request to reapply again before you can regain eligibility for assistance, which can mean waiting six months or more to be reinstated.

Tips About Kansas Child Support

Kansas Child Support ( CSS)is not one-sided. Support orders are based not solely on the ability of both parents to pay. You may asked to provide a great deal of personal and economic information about your income, property and savings that will also figure into how much the non-custodial parent will pay.

If you receive support for the child in the form of gifts from a grandparent or even the father than it may not necessarily be counted as support.

Parenting time is separate from child support services and not handled by Kansas Child Support Services. A private lawyer must handle that type of issue.

For comprehensive information on the entire Kansas Child Support Services program read the official handbook at