Child Support in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Human Services runs the Iowa child support program to make sure that children are well-cared for in the state. It is important to realize that there are two sites online, a newer one and an older one, with the new one a being the site that has all of the resources, forms, account information and up-to-date information on it for clients in Illinois. The other at is still in use but meant primarily to be a redirecting site even though a lot of the information is still accurate.

Iowa Child Support Rules

Child support uses the Iowa Supreme court’s Guidelines to set up an account for child support. Both parent’s incomes are used to set the support amount. However a step parent’s income is not used in Iowa CSS calculations. Public assistance payments are also not configured in as a factor that affects monthly CSS payments.

The payments are calculated by looking at both parent’s net monthly income and looking at issues such as federal and state income tax, required pension plans and union dues. There are many things that cannot be deducted from income to lower it for eligibility in the program and includes credit union payments, car payments, house payments, charitable deception and voluntary pension plans. Involuntary pension plans may be deducted.

If the person paying support receives SSI support and has absolutely no other source of income then the support will be calculated at zero. The Child Support staff in Iowa is also committed to being as fair as possible to parents who find themselves in special circumstances.

Collecting Iowa Child Support

People looking for collection information from Iowa Child Support do so using the Rilia Card. This is a debit/Visa card that allows you to get cash, make purchases or pay bills. It can be used in ATMs and at checkout counters that have a card-swiping machine. Keep in mind that you cannot collect this money if your custodial parent has not paid. The CSS in Iowa is merely a clearinghouse and recording entity for the money to make sure the payments are collected and dispersed honestly and fairly. The card is sent to you by mail from a U.S. bank and the card must be activated before you can use it.

Money usually becomes available to the custodial payment on the third business day after the payment is received and at any time of the month. You can check your balance by going to