Child Support in Indiana

Filing for child support in Indiana is simple as you can file for the child support right from the Indiana department of Child Services Support Bureau website. The mission of the site is to make sure that a child is economically and fairly provided for in all ways possible and by both parents.

How to Apply for Child Support in Indiana

On the website you will find a downloadable child support guide and an Indian Child Support calculator that can help you determine how much child support you are eligible to receive from a non-custodial spouse. You can find the calculator online at

Before you apply make sure you have information about your weekly income, child care expenses, alimony amounts, existing child support orders and health insurance payments. If you have a child in university or scholarship you also have to report the lands, scholarships and savings. You will also be required to disclose your private health insurance premiums.

One little quirk about the calculator is that you have to save your work once you enter information and then record its transaction number or you will have to start over. You also cannot leave the application for more than thirty minutes at a time or what you have input into the application will not be saved.

Rules and Guidelines for Indiana Child Support

The determination of how much child support amount should be paid is determined by a definition of your weekly gross income, all freelance income,e and the number of natural and adopted children in the household. You must also have income verification from an employer or proof that you are on social assistance because you are unemployed or disabled. Factors such as alimony or maintenance from a prior marriage are also considered.

The amount of the payment can be raised if there are work-related expenses such as childcare, extraordinary health care expenses or extraordinary educational expenses.

The organization also tries to be fair by making sure that the division of obligation between parents (time spent with children) is figured into the calculation. However the CSS in Indiana dowse not enforce custodial rights or visitation rights nor does it mediate in domestic violence cases.

Applying for Indiana Child Support correctly can mean filling out a lot of work sheets including the Child Support Obligation Worksheet, the Parenting Time Credit Worksheet, the Post-Secondary Education Worksheet, Health Insurance Premium Worksheet and Guideline Schedules for Weekly Support Payments at the Indiana Supreme Court website at