Child Support in Florida

The Florida Child Support program has the mission of making sure that children receive the support they need and deserve from both parents. The state program, run by the Florida Department of Revenue, also has a mandate to make this process easy, professional and dependable and also to continually improve the program.

The Florida child support program is able to help you prove paternity, get child support orders, enforce those orders and modify them. Florida has a huge case load and supports about a million children a year. Unlike other states, Florida provides parents with all of the forms that they need to pursue child support. The government entity does not enforce visitation or custody matters.

Eligibility Rules for Florida Child Support

You may apply for child support services in Florida if you are the parent or caregiver of a child that needs support or if you are owed back support. You don’t have to apply if you are already getting assistance from the state or all already receiving public assistance from the state. You can automatically get assistance if you have got it in the past as Florida rarely closes its cases.

In order to be eligible you will be required to provide 2-2 forms, 1099 forms and other proof of income, a Financial Affidavit and a completed Paternity Declaration. A response is usually available within 21 days of the submitted application. You can find out more information about how to find your local support office at

Helpful Tips About Florida Child Support

It is easy to be paid your Florida child support payments in Florida. You can pay online, through a money transfer service or by mail. You can also have payments directly deposited in your bank or you can be given a debit card with your child support amount on it. You can also get information about your payment by using the Florida State Disbursement Unit Voice Response System. Keep in mind that there will be no balance in this account if the non-custodial parent has not made the required payment.

You can get help with filling out our application by email or by visiting the child support office that is nearest you. You can also get case information online through Child Support e-Services. Rest assured that all information is also confidential.

Most of the general information that you need to apply for child support is at the Child Support Enforcement Program page on the Florida Department of Revenue website at