Child Support in Connecticut

To file for child support in the State of Connecticut you need to contact the Judicial Branch of Support Enforcement Services (SES). SES is part of the Judicial Branch, Court Operations Division that is committed to providing prompt, professional services when it comes to assisting parents in getting financial and medical support from both parents.

Child Support Aims of the Department of Social Services

The organization monitors child support awards and initiates the withholding of income to those who do not apply. The organization also files modifications that deviate from the Connecticut Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines. Another of its main goals is to establish paternity for children born out of wedlock and to help modify orders of support. It also collects and distributes child support payments.

The state also offers The John S. Marinez Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut that is a statewide program that helps involve non-custodial fathers more fully in the raising of their own children.

Rules Regarding Child Support in Connecticut

Your first step to applying is to apply in person or mail an application to the regional office. There are scores of government offices that provide child support services in Connecticut and to find the one in your area you can go to That is the place online where the Connecticut Department of Social Services has a list of regional and big city offices complete with forms to access and local addresses.

When determining how much child support a non-custodial parent should pay, the State of Connecticut considers many factors. It is based on a calculation of the parent’s net income but there are also many inclusions including income worked at a part-time job. Nothing beyond forty hours a week is declared so that parents are encouraged to work at jobs in the name of their child’s well being. Social Security dependency benefits as well as gift, prizes and lottery winnings that are received on a recurring basis are also included in the parents’ income.

You are eligible to apply for child support in Connecticut if you need help establishing paternity or fulfilling a court order or medical support order. You can apply for help if you are a custodial parent that needs money, a caretaker with custody that needs support, or a father wanting to legally establish paternity.

Everything you need to know about these child support in Connecticut services is at, which is the Support Enforcement Services website.