Child Support E-Services

When you are involved in a child support case, there may be some things that you have to take care of in person at your local child support agency office. However, there are a lot of child support e-services available to you as well. You can use some of those services beforehand to get a better understanding of the process, or you can use them after your case is open to make it easier to pay or receive child support.

Calculators, Formulas, and Online Forms for Child Support Services

Just about all states offer online calculators, formulas, and forms as part of their child support e-services. You can use those tools to estimate how much you may have to pay, or how much you may be paid by the non-custodial parent. Each state’s rules are slightly different. So, you should make sure that you are using your state’s calculator. Also, keep in mind that calculations may be more complex if there are multiple states or multiple children involved. So, it’s impossible to know exactly how much the payments will be until a payment amount is settled upon in court.

Around the Clock Account Access

One of the most important child support e-services offered by each state’s website is around the clock account access. That means that you can view information on your case at any time right in the comfort of your home. That information may include:

  • Child Support Payment History
  • A Copy or Summary of the Support Order
  • A Listing of Other Actions Taken That Relate to the Case

Most state websites will also allow you to update your personal information, including your address or phone number, online as part of their child support e-services.

Making and Verifying Payments

Another of the child support e-services offered by most states is the ability for the non-custodial parent to make or verify a payment online. Often, payments will be automatically taken out by that parent’s employer, if that service has been set up. However, the parent can then review the transactions online, possibly even printing out a copy of the transaction list. That can come in handy for tax purposes, or during court hearings.

Other Resources

Both state and federal websites also offer many other resources for both custodial and non-custodial parents. The Office of Child Support Enforcement’s website, which is ,is a particularly good resource for child support information. On the OCSE website you can:

  • Find Your Local Child Support Agency
  • Get Information on Child Support as it Relates to Veterans
  • Get Information on How to Deal with Family Violence and Child Support
  • Get Information on Job Services and Training

There are also many other child support and related links that you can access from the OCSE’s website. So, it is one of the best general child support e-services available.