Child Support in Arkansas

The DFA, also known as the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration takes care of all matters to do with child support. The OCSE (Office of Child Support Enforcement) is a division within the Department of Finance and Administration that works in partnership with the Federal Office of Child support Enforcement to make sure that parents are well taken care of and that families do not become a big burden on the welfare system.

OCSE also provides payment-processing services through The Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse that receives, records and sends out payments to the custodial parent of a child. This entity is also known as the State Disbursement Unit of the SDU. For more information about how this record keeping and disbursement works you can go to This is a heat map showing all of the counties and regions in Arkansas that can assist you with any disbursements.

Regulations Regarding Arkansas Child Support

Noncustodial parents must pay on time and in full as according to the court order. If you cannot make the payment then you need to contact the child support agency as soon as possible to avoid adverse actions. The Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement entity does not have the authority to forgive unpaid support and neither does the non-custodial parent. They also do not become obsolete once a child turns 18 years of age. You must still pay.

The Office of Child Support Enforcement can also demand that employers collect court-ordered child support and offers employers an online tool called MyWorkers that helps them manage withholding income, payments, employee information and other matters. Employers are also obligated to give all information asked for about non-custodial parents that are avoiding child support.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration might also contact hospitals and birthing entities to find acknowledgement of paternity proof (AOP) if the parents involved are not married to each other. This is a form signed by both parents at the baby’s birth.

Eligibility for Child Support in Arkansas

You are eligible for child support if you are the parent, caretaker or legal guardian of a child under eighteen years old and if unpaid child support is owed to you. You can get back-child-support even if the child is over 23 years of age. There can be costs and fees associated with this in certain cases and to see when this applies go to